Stitches by Anne

Weighted Blankets, Lap Pads, Vests, Hats, Critters, Cooling Vests,Bibs, Infant Head Rest, Neck Cushions, and MORE!!

Who is "Stitches"?

I retired 4 years ago from the DoD and at the suggestion of a friend started making weighted blankets. One by one I have added items as they were requested. Most items are embroidered and personalized; every item is custom made. I don't want anyone that receives one or more of my products to get "just another textile"!

My sidekick, Gus, hails from North Florida Airedales in Monticello FL. I've never met a kid (or grown-up) that didn't like Gus!!  Gus & I are a certified Therapy Dog Team and enjoy our visits



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